CA Inter Accounting Book by G Sekar, B Sarvana Prasath for May 2020 (New Syllabus)


Course Brief

Author: B. Saravana Prasath
Publisher: Padhuka ccH
Edition: For May 2020 Exam (New Syllabus)

New Syllabus Full Coverage in a student-friendly format. 
• Companies Act, 2013 Relevant Provisions updated. 
• All Relevant Accounting Standards included. 
• About 1000+ solved Illustrations and Q&A included. 
• Principles explained effectively for Concept Clarity. 
• Step-by-Step Solutions & Working Notes for Practical Qns. 
• Formats, Tables and Charts for easy understanding. 
• Single Handy Tool for Exams & Practical Learning. 
• Treasure Trove of Professional Exam Questions